The Business Journal The Business journal; business journal; business; Business; Finance; Article; Journal; Commercial law; Tourism management; Management, Marketing; Free of charge İbrahim Apak en-US The Business Journal 2757-9433 Analyzing the Cyberloafing of The University Employees With High Burnout Level <p>This research aims to examine the cyberloafing behaviors of employees with high burnout levels. For the objective of this study, the Maslach burnout questionnaire was applied to 114 academic and administrative employees, and 17 employees with the highest burnout were identified. Then qualitative research on cyberloafing was conducted with these 17 people. Interpretation and analysis of qualitative data gathered with research were based on cyberloafing themes frequently found in the literature. Findings from the study show that employees with high burnout levels tend to cyberloafing behavior during working hours.</p> Zeliha Seçkin Şefik Özdemir Mehmet Tuncer Copyright (c) 2021-04-06 2021-04-06 2 1 1 17 Examining the Relationships Among Flow Experience, Advertising Value, and Usage Intentions: A Research on Smartphone Usage Motivations <p>The aim of this study is to examine the process of viewing and evaluating the ad of young consumers through the effects of smartphone preference motivations. Based on this objective, a field study has been conducted among students in Aksaray University. Following the hypotheses tests within research model, it was found that young consumers were interested in the popularity of the smart phone and design motivations while viewing the ads. However, it was found that the flow experience into the ad message was not effective in purchasing decisions. Instead, the study revealed that university students' ad viewing depth has positively associated with the advertising value. Having the findings presented, the research results were discussed and suggestions were made for future studies.</p> Mehmet Safa Çam Copyright (c) 2021-04-06 2021-04-06 2 1 19 37 Impact of Trade Flows on Income Distribution in Angola <p>Opening to international trade has been a crucial factor in the development and growth of economies for the last decades. On the other hand, it is known that opening brings advantages and disadvantages for economies. Income inequality can thus be related to these disadvantages which have been increasing in certain countries. The aim of this study is to find out whether trade flows have an impact on income inequality related to trade opening in Angola. Ordinary Least Squares method is used to analyze the relationship between variables over the period 2000-2017. In order to define the effect of international trade on the income inequality Gini coefficient is analyzed along with export and import values of Angola. Gini values are gathered from World Inequality Database with 0 representing perfect equality and 1 meaning perfect inequality. Other macroeconomic variables are used such as unemployment and short term debt stock along with export and import to assure the relationship between Gini and foreign trade variables. According to the model results, exportation has a negative effect on Gini coefficient, while importation, unemployment and debt have a positive impact on Gini.</p> Yunus Özcan Alberto Schneider Rodriguez Da Costa Cazeiro Copyright (c) 2021-04-06 2021-04-06 2 1 39 58 Business Managers Opinions about Marketing Metrics <p>In this study, business managers thoughts on marketing metrics and the use of these metrics in businesses were investigated. Data were obtained by applying an online survey method to 109 participants working as managers in different sectors in order to learn the thoughts of business managers on marketing metrics. In the questionnaire form, participants were asked a total of 50 questions including 11 demographic questions, 1 open-ended question and 38 judgment sentences. Since the data obtained from the research showed normal distribution, the data were analyzed with the Pair Sample T test. As a result of the analysis,&nbsp; in measuring the marketing performance of businesses the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, the level of service and product quality perceived by customers, the level of value perceived by customers about the product and / or services offered, the brand awareness level of the business and / or its products, the customer loss rate, the measurement of the market share of the business, the availability level of the products in the distribution network, price flexibility level of products / services and customer lifetime value measurements positively affect the marketing performance but are not used in the businesses. According to the open-ended question asked about why managers do not use marketing metrics in businesses; Replies were received such as ignoring marketing metrics, lack of qualified personnel, patriarchal business structure, difficulty of measuring metrics and failure to establish an institutional structure.</p> Yusuf Kurt Murat Kara Copyright (c) 2021-04-06 2021-04-06 2 1 59 72 A Bibliometric Investigation of Graduate thesis on Organizational Justice in Healthcare Professionals <p>In this study, it is aimed to examine postgraduate theses on organizational justice in healthcare professionals by using bibliometric analysis method. It has been determined that thesis studies on the subject have been written more intensely in the last 20 years. For this reason, graduate and doctoral theses produced in this range from 2000-2020, the years of publication of theses, types of theses, titles of thesis supervisors, distribution of theses by universities, distribution of theses by institutes, distribution of theses by departments, distribution of theses by research method, The organizational justice has been analyzed by bibliometric method using indicators such as the distribution according to the subjects that are studied together. As a result of the analysis, YÖK (Council of Higher Education) database, a total of 60 theses, 52 of which are master's, 8 of which are doctorate have been reached. As a result of the research, it was seen that the thesis was mostly studied in public universities, Marmara University and Sivas Cumhuriyet University. As a result of the study, it was determined that the first thesis on organizational justice in healthcare workers was written in 2007. When the topics dealt with with organizational justice are examined, it is seen that organizational commitment takes the first place.</p> Fuat Korkmazer Mahfure Pirol Copyright (c) 2021-04-06 2021-04-06 2 1 73 86